Please take a look at what we do – See photos of a typical White Cross Work Day

White Cross is a mission outreach, which began during World War 1 when ladies of the Baptist Church began to roll bandages and knit socks and scarf for soldiers fighting overseas. The ladies were so blessed helping others, that after the war ended, they organized “White Cross” sponsored by the church. Since the soldiers had returned home, they thought about the many missionaries, who are “soldiers in God’s army”, and the many needs that they could help supply.

In past years, we have sent clothing, school supplies, quilts, material cut into quilt blocks, toys, etc. to: (1) Stewart Baptist Indian Church in Nevada, (2) Imani Baptist Church Oakland CA, (3) Baptist Social Center in El Monte, CA, (4) Congo, (5) Philippines Baptist Church, (6) Eye glasses to a clinic in Haiti, (7) Used postage stamps to Tecate, CA proceeds used for Bible Correspondence courses.

Locally, we have hemmed sheets for the Rescue Mission, sponsored Baby and Mother Showers for Tenderlife Ministries for unwed mothers, saved Campbell soup labels for our own Day Nursery School. Our financial needs are mainly shipping charges and a few odds and end items to finish sewing projects. We do a lot of recycling of sheets, yarn, and left over material scraps from sewing projects.

We meet the third Tuesday of each month at 10 am to 1:30 pm for a workday and a potluck lunch. Everyone is WELCOME. We fellowship and work. You don’t need to sew many projects, only use scissors -you can cut!! Our plan for this coming year is to continue working for Missions at home and abroad. Come and help us – More Hands mean More Help. If you feel led to get involved with this ministry, please contact Kathryn Mumma at 484-0144 or the church office.

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